Apartment in Sant Carles de la Ràpita

Gavina Corsa

(Larus audouinii)






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It is practically an endemic of the Mediterranean coast and that in “Delta de l’Ebre” locates the largest colony of the world breeding, specifically in “Punta de la Banya” located just in front of the Ornis complex, and with direct views from each apartment … It is included in the red list of threatened species of the The World Conservation Union. It owes its name to the French naturist Jean Victoire Audoin. It is very characteristic its peak red coral with black stripes that make it completely unmistakable. In recent years, the fishing closures carried out by the fishing fleets of “Terres de l’Ebre” negatively affect the species at a time as delicate as the breeding season.


In Sant Carles de La Ràpita, Apartment (4/6 people) with 2 bedrooms, one double and one with a pull-out bed. The double room with bathroom en suite (only bathroom of the apartment), has access to the private terrace with spectacular views of the beach and bay of the Alfaques. In the living room there is a comfortable double sofa bed, and you also have access to another terrace that directly overlooks the promenade with direct views of the sea and the “Delta de l’Ebre”. The whole apartment is attic with profusion of wood use in its decoration. Just 10 meters from the beach of Capri de Sant Carles de La Ràpita.

What to do in the Delta

Take advantage of your stopover in the Ebro Delta…


Savor the excellent and varied range of local cuisine, both coastline and inland.

Rice, paella, black rice, rossejat, Rice in Banda… All the variety and richness of our ingredient par excellence.

Prawns, mussels, galleys, clams, “canyuts”… But do not forget the meat of waterfowl like duck. Also pheasants, partridges, thrushes, among others.

 Enjoy the environment

You can do many activities in the Ebro Delta: Discover the local traditions, sail along the river Ebro with kayaking or boat trips. Walking and biking through the Punta del Fangar, observing the birds in the lagoons.

See the arrival of the fishing boats in the port of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, fishing in the river, climb to the Mirador de Guardiola…