Apartment in Sant Carles de la Ràpita


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It has a private balcony overlooking a small communal garden area, just 10 meters from the sea promenade and the Capri Beach of Sant Carles de La Ràpita.

Nice bird with really colorful colors that combines turquoise blue with orange. It owes its local name “Botiguer” to the blue color of the work coats that were previously worn by the clerks of the food stores in “Terres de l’Ebre”. It is very easy to observe and identify by its characteristic way of flying and the claim it makes when it takes the low flight through the water channels of the “Delta de l’Ebre”. These peculiar colors give the apartment a special atmosphere.


Apartment in Sant Carles de La Ràpita, with capacity (4/6 people) with two bedrooms (one double and one with a pull-out bed) and dining kitchen with a comfortable double sofa bed. With very good south-east orientation, offering a great natural lighting during practically all day.

What to do in the Delta

Take advantage of your stopover in the Ebro Delta…


Savor the excellent and varied range of local cuisine, both coastline and inland.

Rice, paella, black rice, rossejat, Rice in Banda… All the variety and richness of our ingredient par excellence.

Prawns, mussels, galleys, clams, “canyuts”… But do not forget the meat of waterfowl like duck. Also pheasants, partridges, thrushes, among others.

 Enjoy the environment

You can do many activities in the Ebro Delta: Discover the local traditions, sail along the river Ebro with kayaking or boat trips. Walking and biking through the Punta del Fangar, observing the birds in the lagoons.

See the arrival of the fishing boats in the port of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, fishing in the river, climb to the Mirador de Guardiola…